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In a basic sense, our exosome isolation platform is similar to other kit-based products on the market in that our protocol utilizes immunomagnetic beads to bind vesicles in solution. What sets our platform apart from the competition is proprietary bead technology and our ability to support exosome isolation/production at scale.

We have developed patented chemistry on our bead’s surface to significantly increase the affinity of antibody-bead interactions. This allows for a high immunoglobulin surface density and results in an exosome binding capacity (yield) orders of magnitude higher than any other bead-based product on the market. Functionally speaking, this serves as a highly sensitive means for the detection of exosome surface markers/disease targets, and allows us to isolate and produce exosome sub-types unique to different cells, tissues, and disease states. If you need a general panel of exosomes isolated from a sample, we can do that as well using a “cocktail” of antibodies that when used in combination will capture the vast majority (>85%) of exosomes from any sample.

In addition to increased yield due to enhanced affinity on the bead’s surface, our platform’s unique ability to physically detach exosomes from the antibody-bead complex without compromising vesicular viability or structural integrity prevents protein contamination and makes us the only platform that can offer a truly pure solution of intact, viable exosomes.

We also offer characterization services including (but not limited to) Nano Tracking Analysis (NTA) based on size-distribution and/or fluorescence as well as visualization using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

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Above shows TEM imaging of exosomes isolated using Clara's ExoSS platform compared to exosomes isolated using ultracentrifugation. Membrane fragments and large aggregates can be observed from exosomes isolated using ultracentrifugation. Exosomes isolated using Clara's platform remain intact with preserved biological activity. 

Our platform is virtually limitless in its application. ExoRelease™ is scalable to both academic and industrial scales and has been validated for use in downstream applications involving DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing. Let us show you how these technical advances give us an edge over ultracentrifugation along with how they allow us to support customers with practical, real world benefits.

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Clara Biotech ©2019, *This comparison table is based on our own survey. Since the results vary depending on a sample, a detection target and method, the performance of each method is not guaranteed.


*The International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) proposed Minimal Information for Studies of Extracellular Vesicles (“MISEV”) guidelines for the field in 2014 and updated in 2018. Clara's ExoRelease technology ensures compliance with the guidelines from MISEV 2018 to obtain pure preparations of exosomes and their subtypes.

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Update 2021.03.23 03 - If you would like to learn more we encourage you to check out this preprint article on bioRxiv: Nano Pom-poms Prepared Highly Specific Extracellular Vesicles Expand the Detectable Cancer Biomarkers