Our Mission

At Clara, our mission is to enable therapeutic and diagnostic discovery and support clinical applications by providing the tools researchers need to harness the full potential of exosomes. 


Founded by scientists who have spent much of their professional careers contending with the trials and tribulations of exosome research, Clara’s firsthand experience has equipped us with a firm understanding of what limitations need to be overcome to move the industry forward. Clara was founded in 2015 to address the most fundamental and important of these limitations - sample preparation. 


Generally speaking, there are a variety of methods currently available when it comes to exosome isolation, but each have their own unique drawbacks that introduce hard-to-control variables that can compromise results.

Across the board, the overwhelming consensus is that the lack of a reliable, “standard” method for exosome isolation is a major roadblock for both researchers and industry suppliers in their efforts to conduct repeatable studies and systematically produce exosomes in solution. 


Our novel exosome isolation platform (ExoSS) has solved this problem not only by establishing itself as the new standard method in terms of quality, yield, and reliability, but by reimagining the possibilities and finally giving researchers the ability to isolate pure, targeted solutions of in-tact, viable exosomes from any biofluid.


Clara’s ExoSS platform simplifies the complexity previously associated with exosome sample preparation, giving researchers the confidence they need to draw valid conclusions and industrial suppliers the system and scalability they need to develop clinical solutions that will redefine how we diagnose and treat disease.   

How does it work you ask? Let us show you.

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