Future Exosome Leaders

Clara Biotech is proud to announce our new Research Grant Competition celebrating you, our Future Exosome Leaders! Clara Biotech is passionate about supporting groundbreaking exosome research.

Clara Biotech was founded to support and accelerate exosome research with the goal of accelerating paths to commercialization. We are committed to supporting the work of researchers and our industry partners. 

We’d rather invest our marketing budget in you!

Clara Biotech is offering our breakthrough exosome isolation service to you:  the investigators, the explorers, the discoverers, the people trying to understand and improve human health across the spectrum. We want to help you on your journey. That’s why we’re excited to launch our new Isolation Grant Competition - a unique and innovative opportunity to get premier access to our immuno-isolation platform. 


Forget centrifugation, forget precipitation, forget size filtration… welcome to the future: immuno-isolation. Clara Biotech’s immuno-isolation platform is the only technology in the world that can isolate pure exosome sub-types and nothing else.


Until now the combination of yield, purity, and viability when isolating exosomes was unattainable, and the lack of getting these three critical outcomes has been an obstacle for the work of so many… but not any more! Clara Biotech’s approach will:  

  • Improve research outcomes

  • Help gather critical data points

  • Make drug delivery possible

  • Reduce noise and uncertainty

  • Let you run fewer trials, require fewer samples

  • Result in fewer errors and redo's.

  • Overcome the ‘isolation scalability’ hurdle 

  • Find the needles in the haystack. 

  • Find rare exosomes for biomarker discovery.

Clara Biotech supports you in your work. Apply today and share with your friends and colleagues. Come learn why Clara Biotech is the world leader in exosome isolation.

Awards* (all USD):

  • $5,000 

  • $5,000

  • $5,000 

* all applicants will have automatic access to discounted Clara Biotech’s Isolation Service pricing (a limited time offer, subject to change at Clara Biotech’s discretion)

The criteria and application for the award application can be seen via Google Form, available upon request, by contacting Clara Biotech directly through our website or via any of our employees. 

Know that our ultimate goal when awarding these grants is to understand how your research will move the exosome space forward - we are here to find the best projects, and help them leap forward with the help of our incredible proprietary Exosome Isolation Platform!

Applications close April 15, 2020 and winners will be notified by May 4, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in submitting for the Clara Biotech’s Grant Competition - we are committed to moving exosome research forward. 

Whether you are ultimately selected or not, we want you to know we support you and your work. As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you a 20% discount on your next order with us. This offer expires in May 2020.

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