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Future Exosome Leaders

Clara Biotech is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Research Grant Competition! Applications will be received from March 20, 2021 through April 30, 5:00PM CT. Our company was founded with the intent to accelerate exosome research and expedite paths to commercialization. To that end, we are committed to supporting the work of researchers and industry partners. 


We believe in the work you’re doing, so we want to invest in you and your research.


Clara Biotech is offering our breakthrough ExoRelease™ exosome isolation and purification technology to you: the investigators, the explorers, the discoverers, the people endeavoring to understand and improve human health across the spectrum. Awardees of the Research Grant Competition will receive a unique opportunity to have premier access to our innovative immuno-isolation platform.


Forget centrifugation, precipitation, and size filtration… welcome to the future: immuno-isolation and exosome release! Clara Biotech’s immuno-isolation platform is the only technology in the world that can isolate pure exosome sub-types and nothing else.


Before, when isolating exosomes, the combination of yield, purity, and viability offered by our proprietary solution was unattainable. The inability to attain these three critical outcomes has been an obstacle in the work of so many… but not any more! 


 Clara Biotech’s approach:

  • Improves research outcomes 

  • Helps gather critical data points

  • Reduces background noise by eliminating contaminants

  • Makes drug delivery possible

  • Requires fewer trials, fewer samples

  • Saves time and effort 

  • Overcomes the ‘isolation scalability’ hurdle

  • Captures rare exosomes for biomarker discovery


Clara Biotech and our solutions aim to be a partner for you in your work.


Apply to the Future Exosome Leaders Grant awards today to gain access to the future of exosome isolation and purification. Three (3) $5,000 USD awards will be granted. Awards can be used for our isolation and characterization services or ExoRelease™ exosome isolation kits.


When reviewing the grant applications, our ultimate goal is to understand what makes you a Future Exosome Leader, and how the work you’re doing will advance the field.


Whether you are ultimately selected or not, we want to support you and your work. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer all grant applicants a 20% discount on their next order with us*. We invite you to experience why Clara Biotech is the world leader in exosome isolation.


Thank you for your interest in applying for the Future Exosome Leaders Grant Award. We are committed to the expansion of exosome research and commend your research efforts. Clara Biotech looks forward to naming 2021’s Future Exosome Leaders.


*all applicants will receive automatic access to discounted Clara Biotech’s Isolation Service pricing and products through August 15, 2021 (a limited time offer, subject to change at Clara Biotech’s discretion)

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