Introducing Clara Biotech's proprietary 

Exosome Isolation Platform: 

Clara offers a scalable solution that makes it possible to isolate

any exosome sub-type from any biofluid with ease, and can

accommodate any volume needs.


Our technology overcomes the limitation of current isolation platforms, giving you back a high yield of viable, pure exosomes.

Ready to do more with less?

Stop waiting on the centrifuge. Send us your samples and we'll get them back to you

within 1-2 weeks. 

Our platform offers novel, high specificity isolation at industry leading quality and yield standards greater than 90%.  

No more EV and protein contamination - just clean, repeatable results everytime.

Our services are tailored uniquely to each individual's needs and budget. 

News & Updates

CLARA BIOTECH IS JOINING THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 Read more about our efforts in the press release below!

Clara COVID19 Therapy Release

Local biotech firm seeks to advance novel
exosome isolation-based therapy for COVID-19
into clinical trials


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